Elevator technician killed as doors slam shut

Elevator technician killed as doors slam shut

A team of firemen from the Bagan Jermal fire and rescue services department rushed to the scene around 5pm.

AN elevator technician was killed yesterday when the doors he was repairing suddenly slammed shut at the once-popular One Stop Midlands Centre shopping complex in Pulau Tikus, George Town. A team of firemen from the Bagan Jermal Fire and Rescue Services Department rushed to the scene around 5pm and managed to pry open the doors, but the victim died while an emergency responder team was tending to him.

The 28-year-old is believed to have died from severe head injuries and his body was handed over to the Penang Hospital for a post-mortem. The police have also opened an investigation paper into the incident.

The victim was later identified as R.Tinesh Kumar from George Town.

His 53-year-old colleague who was also at the scene described the incident as sudden and something unexpected.

Meanwhile, a former general manager of the complex, said that all commercial high-rise building owners must take heed of the incident to ensure facilities are kept in tip-top condition though the buildings may have lost their lustre.

One Stop Midlands after its launching in the 1990s, was the top shopping centre in Penang before it was overtaken by the more attractive malls in Pulau Tikus, which has become a preferred location for high-end shopping and gastronomic delights.

– The Vibes, December 27, 2023.

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