Elderly Couple Excitedly Joins Mass Solemnization Ceremony

Elderly Couple Excitedly Joins Mass Solemnization Ceremony

KUCHING: Despite a brief eight-month acquaintance and each having a history of previous marriages, the couple of the day, Ali Panel, 52, and Suriyani Suib, 45, did not let it deter them from experiencing the joy of a mass solemnization ceremony at Masjid Darul Hana here today.

Armed with a ‘capital’ of RM25 for the marriage permit form and marriage certificates, each costing RM10 and RM15, respectively, in addition to the dowry, the couple was among the 30 pairs participating in the Akad Semarak Ummah 2023 program.

“We initially planned to get married in February 2024, but we saw the announcement of this program at the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department, so at the last minute, we decided to apply earlier this month.

“So, unexpectedly, there were still slots available, and we were chosen to be one of the couples getting married today. Alhamdulillah, our affairs were made easy,” explained Ali, who works in the education sector.

Ali and Suriyani, each with three children from previous marriages, said they did not feel out of place even though surrounded by much younger couples, especially since the event was attended by distinguished guests such as Minister of Women, Family, and Community Development Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri and the Mayor of North Kuching City Hall (DBKU) Datuk Hilmy Othman.

“We are aware that the other couples are much younger than us… this event also has distinguished guests. If we had a private wedding, it would be difficult to invite well-known people,” said Ali, who hails from Kampung Beladin, Betong, while Suriyani was born in Kampung Bintangor, Sarikei.

The Akad Semarak Ummah 2023 program is organized by Masjid Darul Hana, the Islamic Religious Office of Kuching Division, and the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department.


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