El Nino: Durian Production Decreases, Farmers Expect Price Hike

El Nino: Durian Production Decreases, Farmers Expect Price Hike

GUA MUSANG: The ongoing El Nino phenomenon is affecting durian production in this region, with farmers anticipating a price increase due to the reduced fruit yield this season.

Hot weather and unpredictable rainfall have caused most durian flowers to dry up and the fruits to fall prematurely before reaching maturity.

Durian orchard owner Tina Chong, 45, reported a 70% decrease in fruit production from her 1,000 durian trees compared to last year.

“This year’s durian production is very disappointing. Trees that typically yield between 300 to 400 fruits per season are now almost fruitless,” she said to Bernama recently.

“All farmers are affected by this year’s hot weather, so I expect durian prices will rise due to the low fruit yield,” she added.

Tina, who cultivates various types of durian including Musang King and kampung durian on her more than nine-hectare orchard, noted that last year the price for Musang King durian ranged from RM35 to RM80 per kilogram depending on the grade.

“Last year’s profit was RM200,000 with an annual maintenance cost of RM400,000,” she said.

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