Ecuador Arrests 1500 people due to “Internal Armed Conflict”

Ecuador Arrests 1500 people due to “Internal Armed Conflict”

QUITO, Jan 16 (NNN-XINHUA) – Ecuador’s security forces have arrested 1,534 people, since President Daniel Noboa declared a state of “internal armed conflict” on Jan 8, the Presidency reported yesterday.

Of that total, 158 individuals are accused of “terrorism,” said the Presidency, in an updated report posted on its social media account.

The arrests took place in 15,461 operations carried out by the police and the armed forces, from Jan 9 to 15, with the latest update at 6.00 a.m. yesterday, local time.

The Presidency also reported 41 operations against “terrorist groups” and five “terrorists killed.” This last figure has remained unchanged since Jan 12.

In the update, the government highlighted an increase in seizures of firearms (575), bladed weapons (560), explosives (478), ammunition (13,043), and mobile phones (299). Additionally, hundreds of vehicles and motorcycles have been recovered.

In response to the escalation of violence, unleashed by criminal organisations, Ecuador has been under a state of emergency since Jan 8 for 60 days, and a nighttime curfew is in effect.

Under the declaration of “internal armed conflict,” 22 criminal gangs were classified as “terrorist organisations,” and the armed forces were granted broad powers to combat organised crime, especially in prisons.– NNN-XINHUA

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