Drought hits 150,000 Papar folk

Drought hits 150,000 Papar folk

PAPAR: A total of 150,000 people here are affected by the drought now experienced in the district, said District Disaster Management Committee (JPBD) chairman Mohd Fuad Abdullah.
Mohd Fuad, who is also the district officer, said 42 villages, seven schools, seven housing estates, and three places of worship in the district were also affected by the disaster.

“The operation to supply clean water is being conducted in four areas according to the established schedule, namely Sekolah Kebangsaan Pantai Manis, Kampung Timbangan, Palm Condominium, and Kampung Limbahau Church,” he said in a statement today.

The operation involves assets and logistics from the relevant departments and agencies, including seven 10,000-litre tanker lorries from the Sabah State Water Department, as well as one tanker lorry each from the Papar District Council and the Limbahau state constituency, he said.

Others are three lorries from Kawang state constituency, Papar parliamentary constituency (one), Public Works Department (two), Pantai Manis state constituency (one), and one rescue tender truck from the Sabah Fire and Rescue Department.

Mohd Fuad said that the Papar Fire and Rescue Station recorded nine fire incidents in the district since March 9, with the latest being a grass fire covering an area of 0.81 hectares in Pengalat Besar at 12.07 pm today.

He said the drought also affected the agriculture sector, particularly 93 padi farmers in Mukim Limbahau area covering 54.68 hectares, and Mukim Biau Padawan area covering 30.22 hectares.
“In terms of fire prevention, the Sabah Information Department, particularly the District Information Office, has conducted Info On Wheels (IOW) at three locations, namely Kampung Berundong, Kampung Bambangan, and Kampung Beringgis,” he said.

The Disaster Control Operations Centre (PKOB), comprising various agencies and departments, has been activated and operates 24 hours on Level 1 of Bangunan Urus Setia Daerah Papar, and can be contacted at 088-914999.

“The Sabah government is always vigilant and will continue to monitor the developments of this disaster to ensure that the situation remains under control,” he added.


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