Don’t jeopardise country’s democracy although freedom of speech prioritised – Fahmi

Don’t jeopardise country’s democracy although freedom of speech prioritised – Fahmi

PUTRAJAYA,. Do not make unfounded allegations or statements that can threaten the country’s democracy just because the Unity Government prioritises freedom of speech, said Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

The Unity Government spokesman also said that freedom of speech is apparent with the presence of various content on social media, such as TikTok, in addition to the opposition being free to state their views.

“Freedom of speech continues to be prioritised but it does not mean freedom to slander, make unfounded allegations and threaten democracy in the country.

“I want to stress that freedom of speech is healthy in the country. The right to speak is limited by existing laws,” he told the media after witnessing the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between CelcomDigi, SoftBank and SC-NEX here today.

Fahmi said this when asked to comment on the statement by the former chairman of the Coalition for Clean and Fair Election (Bersih 2.0), Ambiga Sreenevasan calling on the Unity Government to give priority and attention to matters related to fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech and the existence of the Sedition Act.

Ambiga said she was disappointed with the reform policies being carried out by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s administration, which she described as very slow and seen to focus only on fighting corruption.

On the Sedition Act, Fahmi said it would only be used for isolated cases involving, among others, issues that can have an impact on the royal institution or threaten democracy.

“It (use of the Sedition Act) is very isolated… if we see there are only a few selected cases that have been charged now,” he said.

Fahmi also said that he was prepared to meet Ambiga to explain the efforts being carried out by the Unity Government to reform the country, including the introduction of the MADANI Economy, National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR), New Industrial Master Plan 2030 (NIMP 2030) and Central Database Hub (PADU) system.

“I suggest that she reviews all these policies because they are proof that the government has a far-sighted view and a major reform effort, not just an effort to fight corruption,” he said, adding that the current political stability would make every planned policy a success.


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