Diesel subsidy targeting: Bus operators should not raise fares – Anthony Loke

Diesel subsidy targeting: Bus operators should not raise fares – Anthony Loke

George Town: Express bus and school bus operators should not raise fares following the targeting of diesel subsidies in the Peninsula, according to Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

He said this is because the diesel subsidy continues to be given to that group through the subsidized diesel fleet card under the Subsidized Diesel Control System (SKDS).

”… shouldn’t happen (fare hike), diesel subsidies continue to be given to express bus and school bus operators.

“They are not affected by the increase in diesel prices because, as school bus operators, these express buses are ready to receive subsidies. So what is driving them to raise fares?” he said at a press conference after officiating the 57th Asean Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM) here today. this.

Loke commented on rumors related to the possibility of an increase in the fares of express buses, school buses, and sightseeing buses following the announcement of a diesel price increase in the Peninsula of more than 50 percent starting on Monday.

According to Loke, express bus fares cannot be increased at will because they are under the supervision of the Land Transport Agency (APAD).

”For school buses, we don’t control the price; we just encourage discussions between school bus operators and the Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG).

“Tourist buses are for the use of foreign tourists and for tourism purposes, not for daily use, so there is no subsidy for the tourism sector.

“The cost of tourism in our country is quite competitive; there may be a slight increase in the cost for foreign tourists, but I think it is acceptable to them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Loke said he was ready to give a specific briefing to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad regarding the Rapid Transit System Link (RTS Link) Project between Johor Bahru and Singapore, following the former Prime Minister’s statement on the project.

According to Loke, he respects Dr. Mahathir as the country’s leader, but all views on the project must be based on accurate facts.

“I don’t know if he (Dr. Mahathir) got the right information or not, but let’s talk based on facts. To say that there was no disclosure about RTS is not correct.

“If the Tun wants complete information, I am ready to give him a specific briefing,” he said.

Yesterday, Dr. Mahathir, in a broadcast via the X website, commented on the RTS Link project, which is being vigorously built, but stated that there were not many local reports on the project.

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