Cuba and Venezuela sign a cooperation agreement to strengthen solidarity

Cuba and Venezuela sign a cooperation agreement to strengthen solidarity

SANTIAGO DE CUBA (Cuba), May 8 (NNN-ACN) — The Simon Bolivar Institute for Peace and Solidarity among People of Venezuela and the Cuban Friendship Institute signed in this Cuban southeastern city a cooperation agreement, with the aim of strengthening the brotherhood and solidarity between the two nations.

The agreement enhances the support in the common struggles of the two nations, and will make possible the shared celebration of historical events, the exchange between delegations and organizations to learn about the reality and experiences of the countries, and the collaboration in communication and diffusion, as well as the attention to students and young people.

Carlos Ron, president of the Venezuelan entity, referred to the Cuban News Agency that the cooperation mechanism will facilitate the visualization of the processes of the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions, and, in addition, the realization of joint actions, in order to show the solidarity of the signatory nations with the world and vice versa.

He said that it becomes strength, in order to continue with the coordination of events and campaigns, in favor of the development of the work for peace.

He also recognized the spirit of the institutes to carry solidarity as the main sign for internationalism, which is of great importance in a world that is constantly facing challenges from imperialism.

Cuba and Venezuela have always been united in the struggle for the emancipation of the peoples, Ron pointed out.

The agreement was signed in the framework of the meeting of the World Peace Council for the Americas, an event valued by Ron as a space to consolidate and strengthen the unity among people, popular organizations, social movements and revolutionary governments in the face of the new warlike advance of imperialism.

In the current context imperialism has lost its hegemony in the world over the production of technologies, finances and resources, leaving it with the tool of war to exert pressure, hence the importance of reinforcing Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace, and of uniting to demonstrate to the world the values of humanity, solidarity and cooperation of this region, he stressed.


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