China’s Electric SUV Enters Greek Market

China’s Electric SUV Enters Greek Market

ATHENS, Feb 1 (NNN-AMNA) – Chinese vehicle manufacturer, Seres Group, officially launched its electric premium sport SUV, the SERES 5, in Athens yesterday, marking the entry of the first Chinese electric SUV into the Greek market.

The launch also marks the start of cooperation between Seres and Spanos Group, one of the largest importers and dealers of vehicles in Greece, according to Seres Group.

“The Greek government has set up a clear route to electrify the fleet, mobility and we are very excited to play a part together with our local partner, Spanos Group, in this journey,” said Kush Gu, Seres Europe sales director.

The design of SERES 5 incorporated some Greek characteristics, Gu said. The model’s daytime running lights were inspired by a Greek letter and the window frames by an olive tree leaf.

Seres Group, which was founded in 1986, entered the European market in 2023. According to the company, the word “Seres” refers to inhabitants of the “land where silk comes from,” a term used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to describe what is now known as China.– NNN-AMNA

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