Ceasefire: US Needs to Be Firmer with Israel – PM

Ceasefire: US Needs to Be Firmer with Israel – PM

PUTRAJAYA – Malaysia demands that the United States (US) take a firmer stance against Israel, which is perceived as stubborn and arrogant, causing continued suffering to the people of Gaza.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stated that Malaysia also fully supports the Gaza peace talks to finalize a ceasefire as proposed by the US, Qatar, and Egypt.

Anwar emphasized that these efforts are crucial to halt the ongoing invasion and occupation of Palestinian territories.

“Regarding the proposal by US President Joe Biden along with Qatar and Egypt, we discussed this issue in the Cabinet this morning (Wednesday), and we support the initiative from these three countries.

“We believe this is a reasonable proposal to ensure an immediate ceasefire and, hopefully, lasting peace, including a fair resolution to the decades-long conflict.”

He said this to reporters after the Launch Ceremony of the Malaysia MADANI National Training Module organized by the Malaysian National Academy here on Wednesday.

International media reported on June 2 that ceasefire mediators Qatar, Egypt, and the US called on Israel and Hamas to finalize an agreement encompassing the principles outlined by the US for a lasting ceasefire.

The mediator countries also stressed that “the agreement offers a new path to a permanent ceasefire and ending the crisis.”

On Friday, Biden stated that Israel had presented Hamas with a three-phase agreement that would end the conflict in Gaza and ensure the release of hostages held in the besieged territory.

He appealed to Hamas to accept the agreement and urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resist pressure from his coalition members opposing the plan.

Commenting further, Anwar considered the US statement as the firmest so far.

“… and it should be supported by all parties. We also hope that the US will use its influence to ensure that Israel respects the decision,” added the Prime Minister.

More than 36,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since Israel began its assault on October 7 last year.

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