“Casinos are not part of Bangsa Johor’s culture” – Onn Hafiz

“Casinos are not part of Bangsa Johor’s culture” – Onn Hafiz

JOHOR BAHRU: Dato Onn Hafiz Ghazi, the Chief Minister of Johor, in his statement, emphasized that the Johor State Government asserts that no casinos will be opened or operated in the state. This is a tradition dating back to the reign of the late Sultan, Sir Sultan Ibrahim, who had closed three casinos in Johor.

“History clearly shows that since the reign of Sultan Sir Ibrahim, three casinos in Johor have been closed. His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim has also decreed that he does not permit the opening of any casinos in the state of Johor. This clearly reflects Johor’s stance on this matter.

“The Johor State Government has also never accepted invitations for any discussions on this matter, let alone being involved or consulted about it. In fact, the State Government has not received any proposals nor attended any meetings discussing the same.” As stated by Onn Hafiz.

“The Johor State Government believes that Forest City will be revitalized and economic activities will intensify with the development of the Special Financial Zone (SFZ) and the Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS-SEZ).

The staffing of the SFZ and the JS-SEZ will ensure the utilization of local talent and the working force, which will be trained by local human resources to benefit the people of Johor.

“The State Government, with the support of the Federal Government, is diligently working to boost and enhance Johor’s economy to have a positive impact, such as providing quality and highly skilled job opportunities for the people of Johor.

Onn Hafiz also hopes that this issue will not be prolonged in the future, as it is seen as a malicious sabotage to tarnish the good image of the State Government, Forest City, and the state of Johor as a whole.

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