Bridge Submerged, Residents Cut Off from Communication Routes

Bridge Submerged, Residents Cut Off from Communication Routes

GUA MUSANG: Residents of Kampung Limau Kasturi and Kampung Serian here have been cut off from communication since this morning due to the submersion of the only bridge on the main village route.

Trader Mazita Mamat, 44, said she became aware of the incident around 5:30 am when she wanted to go out for business, driving her vehicle while honking to alert other residents.
“I was already on high alert because since around 3 pm yesterday, heavy rain has been falling continuously. This morning, around 5:30 am, the water overflowed onto the Sungai Kerak bridge.

However, the water level rose rapidly, reaching knee level after 20 minutes,” she said when interviewed by reporters in Kampung Limau Kasturi today. According to the Village Head of Kampung Limau Kasturi, Mohd Shaffien Mohmood, the submersion of the bridge has affected nearly 2,000 residents, trapping them.

“Residents have been advised to be prepared to move if the water level continues to rise. Those without floating houses are advised to move to higher ground,” he said. Meanwhile, Gua Musang District Civil Defense Officer Lt (PA) Mohd Hanafi Mohd Bokri said a temporary relocation center (PPS) has been opened at Limau Kasturi 1 National School.

He stated that four families, involving 22 residents, had moved to the PPS as of 6 pm.


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