BJAK service not approved by JPJ

BJAK service not approved by JPJ

PUTRAJAYA: The action of BJAK Sdn Bhd (BJAK) to provide road tax renewal business management services to the public is not approved by the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ). JPJ stated in a statement that BJAK’s advertising through their website and social media is untrue.

According to JPJ, they view seriously BJAK’s action of providing road tax renewal business management services to the public.
They said that the Ministry of Transport Malaysia (MOT) or the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has never given approval to BJAK to provide road tax renewal business management services.

“JPJ would like to inform that the statements made by BJAK on their website, regarding online ‘roadtax’ renewal at BJAK being audited, confirmed, and approved by JPJ, are untrue and misleading to the public.

“The department has also received several complaints from the public stating that road tax renewals have been done through BJAK’s website, but the validity period of the road tax has not been updated,” the statement said on Monday.
According to the statement, BJAK advertises the management services for renewing Motor Vehicle Licenses (LKM) or road tax online, including a program for free road tax issuance.

The statement emphasizes that JPJ does not have system integration between the JPJ System (MySIKAP) and the system used by BJAK.
At the same time, they said, JPJ has received complaints from dissatisfied members of the public who had to pay additional charges when renewing road tax through BJAK.

Furthermore, the department stated that MOT or JPJ has never approved any additional charges imposed by BJAK on their customers at this time.

They encouraged the public to conduct road tax renewals through JPJ counters, JPJ kiosks, JPJ Mobile counters, MyJPJ app, JPJ public portal, and JPJ’s business partner platforms such as Pos Malaysia, MyEG, and PUSPAKOM only.

“The department once again wants to emphasize that the operation conducted by BJAK regarding road tax renewal business management is without JPJ’s permission.

“Hence, the public is advised to always be cautious with any platforms offering road tax renewal services that are not legitimate.

“This is to avoid any fraud and loss, therefore the public is advised to refer to or contact JPJ for further information,” they said.
Additionally, JPJ is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of the public, especially JPJ customers.

Any official complaints can be directed to JPJ through the official JPJ complaint portal at

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