Bear Attacks In Japan Hit Record High

Bear Attacks In Japan Hit Record High

TOKYO, Dec 3 (NNN-NHK) – Bear attacks across Japan have already amounted to a record high, since record keeping began in fiscal 2006, marking the worst year for bear attacks in the country.
The environment ministry said that, there were 193 bear attacks nationwide, in the eight months since Apr, which marks the start of Japan’s fiscal year, that left 212 casualties, including six people dead.

The overall tally so far, already exceeded the previous record of 158 logged in fiscal 2020, the ministry said. Seventy percent of the attacks occurred in north-eastern Japan, including 70 in Akita and 45 in Iwate.

Thirty people were attacked by the animal in Nov, the second highest for the month.

Bears usually go into hibernation from late Nov to Dec, but ministry officials warned more attacks are possible.


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