Anthony Loke shares video to strengthen public transport

Anthony Loke shares video to strengthen public transport

KUALA LUMPUR — Transport Minister Anthony Loke  uploaded a short video about his ministry’s continued commitment to strengthen public transport on Instagram yesterday.

The two-minute video showed various initiatives by the Transport Ministry (MOT) to raise the level of public transport services, including the FlySiswa programme that benefitted 50,000 students, the My50 travel pass and the Komuter Utara service from Ipoh to Penang.

The video also mentioned the additional number of trains from Kedah, the ferry service in Penang and the increased frequency of LRT trains to three minutes during peak periods.

Captions in the video shared that efforts done by the MOT was to ensure that the national transport service network was connected and could bring meaningful change to the people.

“While not every of the ministry’s implementations is perfect, we will continue to strive to deliver better service for you,” he shared.

The video also shared a scenario of what the people could enjoy this coming year in terms of transport services thanks to the government’s efforts to improve the system.


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