Agoda Unveils 2024 New Horizons List

Agoda Unveils 2024 New Horizons List

Digital travel platform Agoda reveals its first ever “Philippines’ New Horizons,” a list of destinations that are fast growing in popularity. The list, which compares year-on-year search data, highlights emerging destinations that have seen significant growth in interest from both domestic and international travelers.  

Bohol tops the list with an impressive 72% increase in searches, followed by Siargao Island at 32% and Davao City with a 23% rise. Completing the list are Iloilo and Cagayan De Oro.

“While the Philippines’ well-loved destinations continue to attract their fair share of travelers, we have seen spikes in searches in lesser known tourist destinations as people expand their horizons andmore people are explore these locales,” said Enric Casals, Associate Vice President at Agoda.

The data shows a keen interest in destinations that have multiple attractions and activities for travelers to experience. The province of Bohol, for example, is popularly known for the iconic Chocolate Hills but also boasts of tranquil beaches, beautiful diving spots, and rainforests. Recent road improvements also make it a new road trip destination.

Siargao Island’s emergence isn’t much of a surprise as it has become popular over the last three years as a destination for remote workers who prefer the quiet beach life over the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. Aside from its surf spots, there is also a booming food scene on the island.

Known as the gateway to Mindanao, Davao City offers a variety of outdoor sightseeing activities to suit most travelers–whether it’s greenery or white sand they are looking for. Home to hilly terrains, lush nature views like those of Eden Nature Park are well within reach. Beach spots like Dahican beach and Kaputian beach are also accessible via public transport or by car from Davao City if it’s the sea that tourists fancy.  

The inclusion of Iloilo and Cagayan De Oro to round up the top five further emphasizes the varied interests of travelers seeking new experiences in the country.  

The province of Iloilo is piquing the curiosity of foodie travelers with the recent recognition of its capital, Iloilo City, as a creative city of gastronomy by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Meanwhile, Cagayan de Oro is an enticing proposition for adrenaline-junkies with its vast offering of outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting and spelunking at Kweba de Oro, a cave with a 40-meter descent.

“The Philippines New Horizons list opens travelers up to new experiences, as well as to new opportunities to travel sustainably—with new destinations to explore while at the same time alleviating some pressure on the most popular destinations. Agoda is here to support them with some of the best deals on flights, accommodation, and activities so they can explore the best of what these destinations have to offer,” added Casals.

Source– Agoda

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