22 dead, Red Cross office in Gaza damaged by attack

22 dead, Red Cross office in Gaza damaged by attack

GENEVA: A bullet that landed a few meters from the Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Gaza Strip on Friday killed 22 people who were sheltering in the facility, Anadolu Agency reported .

“The attack damaged the ICRC office structure surrounded by hundreds of displaced civilians including many of our Palestinian colleagues,” the ICRC said in a statement.

The incident left a nearby Red Cross field hospital receiving 22 dead and 45 injured, with reports of more casualties.

“An attack so close to the structure of the Red Cross building and its location is known to the warring parties, putting the lives of civilians and Red Cross staff in danger.

“This incident is just one of several incidents that have occurred in recent days, before stray bullets have hit ICRC structures.

“We condemn this incident which endangers human life and civilians,” according to the ICRC.

Under international law, parties to a conflict must take precautions to prevent attacks on civilians and damage to civilian property including humanitarian facilities, according to the Red Cross.

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